Bare Feet Pool and Spa Care

Spa Services Offered
Rates based on standard sized spas & hot tubs
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Bi-monthly Spa Service
  • Brush and vacuum spa
  • Net debris
  • Balance chemicals
  • Rinse cover

Deep Clean Drain & Fill
  • Drain and scrub the tub
  • Flush the plumbing
  • Refill the tub
  • Balance chemicals
  • Clean cover

What is not included in spa service
*​Anything not listed under service descriptors above
*Filling spa with water (customer monitors water line)
*Filter cleanings
*Drain and fills (D&F are recommend every 3 months; more frequently with heavy usage)
*If starting new service, spa must be free of algae and not cloudy. If algae or cloudiness is present I will quote a drain and fill before starting service
*In-depth diagnoses of equipment 
*Replacement parts of any kind