Bare Feet Pool and Spa Care

Pool Services Offered
Rates may vary~call for estimate

Full Service
  • Weekly service
  • Skim leaves, debris and other materials found on surface
  • Remove med-large debris from bottom of pool 
  • Brush steps and seating areas
  • Inspect and clean skimmer and pump basket
  • Clean pool sweep bag
  • Test and balance chemicals
  • Check pool equipment  

Additional Vacuuming
If you do not have a pool sweep, or you would like vacuuming to pick up what your sweep missed, vacuuming can be provided for an additional fee upon request. 

Chemical Only​
  • Test chemicals 
  • Balance chemicals

Chemical Deluxe
  • Test and balance pool chemicals
  • Brush steps and seating areas
  • Clean pool sweep bag, skimmer and pump baskets

Filter Cleanings
Depending on usage, your filter will need to be cleaned 1-2 times a year (more often for small filters and or high usage/debris pools)
Typical fee range: $90-140 per cleaning

​What is not included in weekly service
  • Anything not listed under service descriptors above
  • Filling pool with water (customer monitors water line)
  • Taking pool covers off and putting them back on (for full and chem deluxe service I will remove automatic and roll covers. It is recommended that covers remain off for a few hours after adding chemicals)
  • Filter cleanings
  • Additional chemicals if pump run time is not set for seasonal industry standards
  • If starting new service, pool must be free of algae. If algae is present, i.e. green pool, I will quote what the charge will be to clean it up before starting weekly service.
  • In-depth diagnoses of equipment 
  • Repairs
  • Replacement parts of any kind